Good Riddance, Photobucket

It's just too bad that you shot yourselves on the foot because of that ridiculous $399 fee to allow third-party photo-sharing.

*sighs* Now comes the hard part.....where to host all the photos I have shared here. -_-'''

Reaiah: Death Prince

Manika Manila Halloween Meet - Nov 8, 2014

Last November 8, after last year's hiatus, we finally held the annual Manika Manila Halloween Meet. The venue is a restaurant called Balkan in BGC, a much roomier place compared to their Makati counterpart. XDXDXD
Without further ado, here are the pics I took during the event itself (sorry for the lack of description on most of the pics >.<):

The early resin birds:

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Reaiah: Death Prince

New Year, New.........

Signature! XDXDXD

From left to right: Reaiah, Eremiel, Hisame, (unnamed CP Delf El head), (unnamed AS Charm Rebus LE head)

I'll be leaving the unsized version here for now. And to let a bittie teaser.......one of the grayed-out dorries at the right side will eventually come to life. I leave up to you to guess who XD
Hisame: Green Gaze

Oct 20, 2012: MM Tiangge

Aaaand after more than 2 weeks, here's my contribution pics to the Manika Manila Tiangge XD. With so many dorrie stuff on sale, I spend more of my time buying stuff than actually taking pictures!
Aiming to buy things for Hisame, I ended up buying a couple for my other two absent darlings as well. ^^

I think I'm on lazy-mode right now if you don't see too much captions around here. @.@

Anyways, here are a couple of shots firing at you now XD

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American McGee&#39;s Alice: Vorpal Grin

Thank God for LJ's Clarification

Based on LJ's official statement about the spreading rumors of them "canceling" Paid Accounts next year as well as a couple of questionable features:
.....looks like the word "paid account" is the one that gets to be renamed regarding standard accounts who want to have extra features.

Hmmm, from their descriptions and my current account status, does this mean that I become a "Premium/Elite" holder when the time of change comes?

Sweet!!! XDXDXD
Nightwing: Unstable

Mirror Mirror, On......

With all the scarce around regarding LJ having a lot of major screw-ups, I've decided to mirror my LJ entries into a Dreamwidth account just to be sure I preserve all of 'em (well, most of them because I couldn't see the comments made by friends and visitors being imported......damn >.<).

And yeah, for the curious, here's my Dreamwidth account: [personal profile] darknessfatale 

But while LJ is still working, I'll still be here XDXDXD